Laksa & Steamboat

San Laksa

San Laksa is a steamboat restaurant offering traditional hot pot ingredients paired with delicious laksa broth

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San Laksa

Our Delicious Story

Our signature laksa steamboat is a perfect blend of local culture and taste and a must try in your delightful experience.

Our traditional curry laksa broth is served with a rich coconut taste and a hint of spiciness. For those with a spicier palate, feel free to ask for
additional chilli. 

How To Order

To order, please follow the steps below!
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Fresh & Quality

High Level Of Service

We value quality and only use fresh ingredients brought in daily.

We value quality and only use fresh ingredients brought in daily.
It is our goal to provide a delightful food experience for our customers at San Laksa. Nothing motivates us more than your smile after each meal!

We Value Feedback

Share your experiences with us. We wouldn’t mind having a pat on the back as well!

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