5 Dishes You Should Try at San Laksa!

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” George Bernard Shaw said.

That’s true!
We, at San Laksa, commit to serving you with delicious Singaporean cuisine that makes you fall in love with us! Not only are our food delicious, the dishes are also filled with proteins and nutrients which helps to keep you healthy. The tumeric in our Laksa broth reduces inflammation and brings health benefits!

San Laksa Restaurant offers affordable menus and special discounts from time to time, so be sure to check your emails and visit our Facebook page regularly!

If you do not have time to enjoy our meal at our restaurant, you can choose to enjoy our meal at home with a free delivery option during COVID-19. You can be assured of fresh and quality foods to your door-step.

When you have a special occasion, such as a special anniversary, birthday, or dinner and want to celebrate in our restaurant after Phase 2, you can arrange with us for a special surprise! You can easily plan your special day’s celebration with San Laksa.

Let’s check our top 5 dishes to try in San Laksa! 


1) Seafood Fried Rice

Our Seafood Fried Rice is the right option for a no-brainer, simple and healthy dinner if you just do not know what to eat! The fried rice is tasty, savoury, and filled with shrimp pieces, eggs, etc.

2) Black Pepper Chicken Rice

If you love spicy food. Black Pepper Rice is the right choice if you’re an adult! The taste is a little tangy, a little spicy and just the right amount of pepper, we serve it with a spicy combination of ground white and black peppercorns, green chilli, and red chilli fried, with chicken pieces. Sounds hot enough, huh?

3) Ribeye Beef Laksa

This is Singapore, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia’s favourite menu. Ribeye Beef Laksa is a delicious noodle soup in our famous San Laksa broth. The texture is creamy and rich with pieces of quality ribeye, cockles and fried tofu.

4) Prawn Laksa

Prawn Laksa is filled with all of our San Laksa goodness with a hint of the ocean. The prawn brings out the flavours of the Laksa broth. An oceanic laksa broth with a perfect blend of coconut milk, sambal, fried tofu, cockles and prawns. Ah, did i mention cockles? Oh yes! 

5) Chicken Laksa

Ah, the Chicken Laksa. Our curry broth is rich and full of aromas. Chicken Laksa Curry is a noodle soup made with spicy coconut curry broth, chicken, and vegetables. 

That’s all for now, in our you-must-try-menu, there are other many items on the menu that you should try as well! We also have a rice set meal box. It’s a package of healthy and hassle-free meal choices at reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Try out our local favourite dishes, and do not hestitate to try other menus. 

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