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2020 may be a surprise year. Guess what? We never expect bad things happen to this year. We all know that Covid-19 changes our way of life. We practice physical distancing and many cities are in lockdown. Don’t get sad about it. We have to change in way of life differently, including how to enjoy our meal.

Ya, maybe you usually eat your meal at a restaurant. But since the city is locking down and become a new normal now, you probably still considering eating your meal in our restaurant. Relax, we got you a solution. San Laksa can deliver food at your house safely and with hygiene. San Laksa’s food brings joy to your boring staying at home with our tasty food.

We have some procedures to ensure that our food is totally clean. We are sanitizing our restaurant, the whole team is also very careful about the food. We also consider keeping clean of the food when the team delivers it. They wear masks, gloves and changing the clothes routine. That is proved that we do care about customer’s health.

Trust on us, we will serve you with the best services and menus. And then shall we talk about Laksa’s menus? Some menus can boost your mood and make your day better.

Chicken Laksa

We suggest you a Chicken Laksa. This is a well-known soup in Singapore. A delicious noodle soup made with a spicy coconut curry broth, chicken, and vegetables. It will bring joy to your day. We also have another option.

Laksa Scallop

We have Special Laksa Scallop, this is the perfect meal for you in the evening time. If you’re starving, we also have some rice-based menu. San Laksa serves you with a variety of rice-based menu.

Seafood Fried Rice

For example, Seafood Fried Rice is one of the most popular cuisines. This Seafood Fried Rice is serving with carbs, eggs, and vegetables.

Ginger Onion Chicken Rice

Then we have, Ginger Onion Chicken Rice that is filled with special flavors: ginger, onion, and garlic. San Laksa also has another option for gingerly food that can make you warm inside.

Ginger Onion Beef Rice

Ginger Fish Rice

There are Ginger Onion Beef Rice and Ginger Onion Fish Rice.  You may request to add some eggs on your food.

We also have another menu that you should try. There are side dish menus such as Fried Spam Fries, Fried Fish Skin, Fried Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings, Fried Meat Balls, etc. These are the yummy snack. Our customer usually eats the side dish for a snack or for an additional menu.

So are you interested in our menus? You can find other tasty menus on our website. Let us bring joy during this new normal.

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