It’s Phase 2 in Singapore! Are you still working from home?

Feeling a little cold in the recent showers?

Fret not!

Enjoy Laksa at home with San Laksa Steamboat (with other zi char dishes!). Or better yet, our restaurant is already open! Come see us because we miss you! Do hop in to enjoy fresh, yet hot, tasty, variety of foods!

Enjoy fresh ingredients with San Laksa in the comfort of your home! We deliver happiness and true joy at your doorstep safe, and secure. San Laksa Steamboat fulfils your boring lockdown with food that will excite your senses.

With a low minimum order, we offer you free food delivery so you can enjoy your food at the lowest cost possible.

As you know, we’re all affected, regardless of industry, and the team at San Laksa, cares a lot about you, our customer! We disinfect our restaurant regularly and ensure our kitchen crew wears their masks and gloves all the time. Temperature is also taken 2 times a day. We’re doing this because we want to be safe!

At San Laksa Steamboat, we’re pretty famous for a number of dishes, and I’m gonna recommend you our latest dish apart from our usual Seafood Laksa which is well cooked to perfection, savoury, and will definitely excite your tastebuds. This delicious soup broth is made with a spicy coconut curry broth, turmeric, fresh prawns, coriander, and a secret concoction of our spices!

OH WAIT! I got carried away.

May I have your attention, please! Let me bring your attention to our latest creation, an assortment of sinfully savoury junk food fried to perfection. I think it’s a wonderful ‘addiction’ to your main course, perfect for sharing.

Only for $12, and perfect for sharing between 2 to 3 adults, this dish comes cooked in 2 styles, Mala or Garlic, suitable for anyone!

If you have no idea what to eat and needed something to top up, choose this! Garlic Fried Junk Food($SGD12)
Mala Flavour! Try numbing your senses with this dish! Mala Fried Junk Food (SGD12)

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